The Thing About Cops

One of the least appetizing “implicitly white” things that I see online on the regular basis are white people licking cops’ boots whenever an unarmed man gets shot and killed by officers whose body language and tone make it sound like the officers planned to shoot the guy anyway, regardless of his conforming to their contradictory demands.

A few days ago, America was graced with footage of Daniel Shaver getting murdered by the Mesa PD. The reactions to the cold blooded killing on Twitter were utterly predictable.

White nationalists, such as Mike Enoch, blamed a society that has been torn apart by “vibrant diversity” for bloodthirsty cops, noting that the militarization of police officers occurred along side the great de-whitening of our country.

Black Lives Matter types took the lack of riots and looting in the streets as white people simply not caring that one of their own was gunned down by a cop. With hundreds of thousands of retweets, this, sadly, was a prevailing take after the video emerged.

Chrisopher Cantwell undoubtedly has a spicy take, but I doubt he is at liberty to give it given that “peace” officers just let him out on bond in Virginia are are likely still seeking a reason to arrest or murder him.

To indicate just how much has changed in the last year or so, here is (American Renaissance contributor) Ann Coulter on Twitter:

So… here we are. Again. Living in an age where if you haven’t had a gun pointed at you by a cop, you have either been living an excessively prudish existence, or, more likely, are a cop yourself. Or, you know, you’re a woman.

Of the above takes, each of them holds a sliver of truth. Whites are docile and impotent to a police state that we welcomed with open arms during the Bush years, along with the “vibrant diversity” we welcomed perhaps a bit more apprehensively. It is hard to conclude that the two aren’t somehow related for those who have been unfortunate enough to be pulled over by a cop in DC or Baltimore.

The result, for law abiding citizens (not to mention petty criminals), is terrifying and deadly.

As the video of Daniel Shaver getting murdered shows, just as one can be too drunk to pass a field sobriety test, one may be to drunk to survive a police encounter when officers erroneously perceive one to be a threat. As many have noted, the orders barked out to the weeping man are like a vindictive version of Simon Says.

Naturally, Blue Lives Matter bootlickers will state that the “perceived danger” of the officer takes precedence to that of the wretched, crying man who is pleading for his life. That being the case, it is doubtful that any police officer alive today has felt the degree of danger that Shaver felt before his life was ended.

Here, we have a ritualistic and prolonged slaying. The officers let the woman crawl to them so that they can apprehend her, then they make the man dance. They yell at him multiple times that if he fucks up, he is going to die. They are going to kill him. The sergeant barks instructions while two or three other pigs train their rifles on Daniel Shaver, waiting for him to botch the (seemingly) simple tasks he has been given.

Of course, nothing is easy under that kind of pressure.

The decay of American society has reached levels of anarcho-tyranny that shouldn’t even be possible. At least, they shouldn’t be possible under the constitution.

At this point, were every police killing to be made publicly available immediately after the incident (as they, of course, should be), it would become immediately apparent that cops have a hair trigger and reasoning abilities on par with the negroes in Chicago and Detroit that kill each other en masse at the slightest provocation.

Using the bootlickers own rationalization, it is pretty easy to forgive the Bloods and Crips of this world for the violence they bring to their own communities. The hood is rough, yo. Nigga was fearing for his life and shit.

And yet, the same riot officers that gave residents of Baltimore and Ferguson “room to destroy” might be the one to murder you in cold blood for pulling up your pants after being falsely accused of an imagined wrong-doing. They know they can get away with murder, as long as its a white guy who never got to say goodbye to his wife.

At the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, riot police manhandled peaceful rally-goers as they shot tear gas and maced those who stayed in the park for which we all had a warrant. Then they pushed us into throngs of violent counter-demonstrating communists and laughed as the scene turned violent. The state of emergency that was issued indicated that anyone who stayed in town, blocking roads and creating chaos, would be arrested.

Of course, an hour after the rally was disbanded, thousands of communists and normies were marching down the roads chanting their platitudes to nobody in particular.

And the media has the audacity to counter-signal our “poor taste” when two of Charlotesville’s finest lost control of their helicopter, killing themselves instantly? Under normal circumstances, it would probably be a tragedy. But in a state of anarcho-tyranny?

LO-fucking-L, fam.

If there ever is to be a revolutionary time in which America’s ruling elite are taken out of power, and the protectors of the unjust status quo, the pigs, have to answer for their crimes against there people, I want to be a fly on the wall as heavily armed citizens arrest the cops.

“Follow my instructions or I will fucking kill you,  pig. Now, crawl toward me. Now stop. Put both hands on the wall while with one hand on your head and say the name of your favorite anime.”

I… I don’t *sniff* watch an….”

Shut the fuck up or I will KILL you, faggot. Now CRAWL TO ME… without moving your arms or legs!”

“I..I.. okay…”


(pew pew pew pew pew pew pew)

“That’s some damn good anti-police work, there, Lew.”