Radicalized: Stephen Paddock, Marilou Danley Ran Guns For ISIS

I’m just going to make this post before all of this becomes public information.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was not “just a dude who liked to gamble and have a good time” as his brother has repeatedly stated. Nor was he an independently rich Boomer who decided to lash out one last time at a society one last time. Damn millennials!

In fact, it is what his brother almost said that is much more pertinent to whatever fake investigation the LVPD is currently undergoing.

Steve was an arms dealer. I would assume his relationship with filipino thot Marilou Danley has something to do with these dealings. It becomes even more apparent when one considers the kind of relationship the couple had.

From The Washington Post:

Neighbors at two other properties owned by Paddock in Reno and Mesquite said Danley lived with Paddock there as well and often disappeared with him for long stretches — sometimes for months at a time — during his visits to casinos.

Danley traveled all the time, and when she was at the home she shared with Paddock in a retirement community in Reno, it was never for very long. Tyee said Danley would show up every three or four months and stay for no more than 10 days.

Another neighbor, Susan Page, who moved next door to the couple this summer, said she had not seen them since August. Paddock had recently bought a new silver minivan, she said, and Danley drove an SUV. On the third week of August, Paddock left the house. Soon after, Danley packed up her car as well, as if she was moving, Page said.

Certainly seems a little strange. If you are a rich, independently wealthy boomer, there is nothing altogether strange about marrying a Filipino gold-digger. Unless..


Newsweek recently ran a piece that was picked up by Infowars in regards to Marilou Danley. Apparently the woman had several social security numbers, as well as dual identities, and was married to several men at once. You know, normal Filipino boomer stuff.

She liked to gamble, possibly while using falsified identification info. She enjoyed traveling to ISIS-controlled areas in the Philippines. Just living the good life until her boytoy unexpectedly decided to kill fitty men. Again, normal Filipino boomer stuff.

Newsweek has already retracted their article on Stephen Paddock’s fake girlfriend.

Newsweek has retracted its story that reviewed the public records of Marilou Danley,  the girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

The initial report was based on many public records, but included an error that came to light after publication when a family member came forward.

Danley remains a “person of interest” in the shooting investigation of 59 people, including the gunman, Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Of course, Newsweek never states which specific details they got incorrect. For all we know, the entire situation could be much, much crazier than initially reported.

So they shut it down.

The same media who said that James Fields, who ran over communist protesters who were actively attacking cars while blockading the road, was engaged in some sort of premeditated terrorist plot.

It’s not like Nevada hasn’t been dealing with residents running guns. Why aren’t we receiving any details about Stephen Paddock and Marilou Danley’s sojourns to the Philippines?

Perhaps because Paddock’s employment status as “a normal guy who likes to gamble” is fake news. How many of those types become multi-millionaires anyway? And how many of those guys decide to go on mass killing sprees?


Wew. Thank goodness the media has cleared Paddock of all ties to ISIS. I was actually starting to think he could have become radicalized at some point.


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