Star Trek: Deep Space Degeneracy

I used to watch Star Trek all the time with my mother as a kid. While I genuinely enjoyed the show, I think we can all agree that it would serve a much more compelling narrative by insinuating that two male crew members are having anal sex off-camera.

Looks like our collective wish has been granted!

From HuffPo:

When CBS’s “Star Trek: Discovery” makes its long-awaited debut Sept. 24, it will feature a same-sex couple played by two cast members of Broadway’s “Rent.”

Best known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the hit musical, Anthony Rapp will star as Lt. Stamets, an “astromycologist,” or fungus expert, and Starfleet Science Officer who happens to be gay. Joining the cast as Stamets’s love interest is Wilson Cruz, who succeeded original “Rent” star Wilson Jermaine Heredia in the role of Angel on Broadway.

Cruz, who has collaborated with [former actor of Star Trek‘s Sulu, George] Takei on a number of LGBTQ advocacy projects, said [Takei’s] stamp of approval meant everything.

While the prospect of seeing two Starfleet personnel spooning is more than worth the wait, one has to wonder what amazing plot lines the show will feature in the age of Trump.

Perhaps the evil, tyrannical leader of earth hatches a plan to cease immigration for welfare-recipient Kruxianians due to cultural differences!

“Just because the Kruxinians lay eggs in our childrens’ brains, and then eat them, does NOT put them below human life, Your Highness. Earth belongs to them, just as it belongs to us.

Now that Hollywood is openly Communist, one can assume the Borg will not be featured prominently, if at all. Perhaps a new villainous faction of straight-white human supremacists will be included to pay homage to the elite’s new favorite bogeyman.

The question some might ask is what exactly do companies get in return for injecting homosexuality into popular shows when it is hardly necessary to advance the plot? Is the homosexual scifi market that lucrative that the producers believe that the gay-nerd trade-off will trump the fans they turn off? My opinion is that media types are sorely misinterpreting the numbers on rate of “gay acceptance”.

Just because Americans are not going to murder or lynch someone for being gay does not mean they want homosexuality force-fed to them when they are actively escaping the degeneracy of everyday life. Even baby boomers, whose whole lives were spent in close proximity to a television, are starting to cut cords and focus on real issues, such as the future of our country.

Just as #Gamergate galvanized weeaboos and gamers into subscribing to identity politics,  so to will boomers become radicalized when they witness, firsthand, the desecration of that which was sacred in their formative years.

At least the creators of the Star Trek: Discovery, which will most definitely suck (pun intended), can blame the poor ratings on homophobia.


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