SNL Thots Beg For White Sharia in Viral “Welcome to Hell” Music Video

In a shocking move, Saturday Night Live has produced their first alt-right music video. In true SNL fashion, the song is not actually funny or interesting, but it will be remembered as the first mainstream call for White Shariah on network television.

Frankly, I’m surprised that SNL was allowed to get away with this one. While the recent spate of sexual assault allegations is mainly focused on women (and young boys) in Hollywood, news corporations, and politics, the SNL cast seeks to connect the ubiquitous headlines with the shared experience of the everywoman.

The resulting song, paradoxically, seems to imply that feminism and female political action have actually made Western nations much less safe for women, as well as everyone else. The imagery employed by the director solidifies this claim.

SNL white shariah

Is there a more iconic image representing women stirring up trouble than a puritan woman being burned alive? Or course, instances of mass hysteria, as represented by the Salem Witch Trials, are a uniquely feminine phenomenon.

The video then turns its vitriolic gaze toward female suffragists. While I genuinely disagree with SNL’s negative view of women, I cannot argue that their entrance into the political sphere has led to communism, degeneracy, and a third-world invasion that seeks to envelop the entire Western world.

The video even equates working women as an assault on womanhood. Of course, this occurred after the communist takeover of America (and the suffrage movement), but the director is right to portray WWII-era defeminization of women in the workplace as a sad turn in our history.

white sharia
tfw no white sharia

Here we see the female protagonist as an 80’s era working woman, hopelessly groveling for shekels, betrayed by the men in her life who allowed women the ability to choose this thankless fate. If you believe that women are amazing, as feminists seem to believe, and want to doom hundreds of millions of them to shitty customer service jobs, you are actually just pretending to respect women. Because wage-cucking fucking sucks.

If  the imagery used in the music video is not obvious enough for you, the exchange that occurs immediately after the historical retrospective solidifies my assertion that the director of this music video is a straight-up White Sharia Nazi.

leslie jones- white sharia
“…but you do know it’s, like, a million times worse for a woman of color, right?”

Here you have it. The result of decades of struggling is to placed below an unfunny diversity hire in Leslie Jones as she tells you its, likewaaaaaay worse for black women, somehow.

As a white woman, all you can do is impotently agree, even if the POC that is checking your privilege is illiterate and literally believes that African scientists created “the white devil” in a test tube. There is no recourse. In the past, your man would defend your honor and tell Leslie Jones to go fuck herself. But you’re thirty, childless, and have lost count of your sexual partners. Also, you’re fat and not even ashamed about it.

Living a shitty life, with a shitty job, in a society controlled by the beast.

Cleverly, the SNL writers disguised their White Sharia anthem as a song about women wanting to be safe when they go out at night, getting wasted and looking for some chad to (consentually) pump them full of semen. It seems to have fooled many women, since the aforementioned scenario constitutes their current life goals.

I won’t be fooled, though. The proof is in the pudding.