Roy Moore Scandal: 1970’s Sexual Revisionism

Modern leftist sexual theory hinges on the steadfast belief that every person who ever existed before third wave feminist hegemony was an abusive, rapist pedophile, drunk on the patriarchal misogyny of their forefathers. Roy Moore now finds himself in the crossfire of this modern dogma.

Suffice it to say, the sexual folkways of cultural Marxists are not applied to non-whites, which is why you will never see a leftist critique Muslim gang-rape culture, honor killings, or child brides.

No, the onus of “sexual liberation” is placed squarely on the shoulders of straight white men, so much so that Roy Moore is being tried in the court of public opinion for actions that, in the time and context in which they occurred, were seen as totally normal.

To give some context, here are some totally normal, innocuous images of modern sexuality, which, in 1970’s Alabama, would have appeared perverted and strange.

degenerate gay pride

degenerate gay pride

pregnant transsexual

I know what you are thinking. How could these the subjects of these images ever be seen as anything other than normal, well-adjusted human beings?

While that is an excellent question that we should give some serious thought, it is the subject for another post. This is about Roy Moore and America’s changing sexual landscape.

The “crimes” that accusers have levied against Roy Moore are as follows:

  1. Inappropriately spat game on qts at the mall (3 counts- 1 of which ended in a date)
  2. Inappropriate “groping” at law office
  3. Asking a 17 year-old out on a date (declined- ouch.)
  4. Asking 17 year-old out on dates (accepted- did not go beyond kissing)
  5. Asking 18 year-old out on date (drank wine, no sexy times)
  6. Sexual assault (2 counts- likely fake news, see below)

Reading further into the Roy Moore Normative Christian Courtship scandal, it becomes apparent that all “dates” that Moore partook in were (by contemporary standards) non-sexual, and that, in each and every instance, he first gained the consent of the girl’s parents before taking their daughters out.

As Roy Moore would go on to marry a single mother, it would appear that the Alabama District Attorney’s quest for a virgin qt was fruitless, and, in the end, in vain. But nowhere in the fake media’s commentary on the allegations do they come up with Moore’s actual motive in flirting with 14-17 year-olds whom he would never have sex with.

The man was looking for a wife.

More importantly, at the age of thirty, the man was looking for a wife who had not been riding the cock carousel for the past decade. Statistically speaking, he was probably wise to do this.

On Sexual Revisionism

The conceptual basis of a man in his 30’s prowling around the local mall and chatting up high school cuties is going to make the more puritanical among us a bit squeamish. I don’t necessarily like the idea of it, myself.

However, the least we can do to understand the accusations against Roy Moore is to place them in the correct context. Specifically, the context of Alabama in the 1970’s, where 16 was the legal age of consent and non-sexual contact was seen as just that, as opposed to brutal sexual assault. Explicit consent was not a legal concept that could land a man in jail. Sexual faux-pas were handled as private embarrassments, not public prosecutions.

Six of the nine offenses against Moore involved the man asking younger women out on dates, often at malls or the places in which these women worked. To many, this may seem a little aggressive. P…pursuing a woman in public… isn’t that, like, stalking?

It is important to note that in the 1970’s, men were actually required to leave their homes in order to court women. At the time, women did not advertise their bodies online in a digitized pussy marketplace, which left men with little choice.

Note here that the media witch hunt focusing on Roy Moore is more focused and vitriolic than the coverage of Anthony Weiner repeatedly Snapchatting dick pics to underaged girls.

That is because the former serves to attack an entire culture, not to mention the customs of our past, while the latter covers the perverted misdeeds of a politician firmly entrenched in the degeneracy of the current year.

Ultimately, these six accusations against Moore are not only not criminal offenses, they were situations that, at the time, were agreed upon and accepted by all parties involved, including the womens’ parents.

Fast-forward to 2017. While the photo of a male with dildos plastered all over himself has become quaint and ordinary by today’s standards, the actions of Roy Moore are also viewed in a different light. The “heavy petting” of 1974, once just a memory to the women involved, is now seen as full-scale sexual assault. But how can this be?

Well, because everything is sexual assault now. If each and every one of us were judged by the court of popular opinion, as Roy Moore is now, none of us would emerge unscathed. Given that most conservative politicians existed before the age of “explicit consent,” I predict this scandal will be re-hashed on a yearly basis by the fake news media.

The most damning claim, made by Beverly Young Nelson, which has recently been repudiated by Moore’s legal team, should also be observed.

Nelson claims that, while waiting for her boyfriend to drive her home, Moore offered her a ride, which she accepted, and was sexually assaulted by the then Assistant District Attorney. She states that the occurrence made her worried that he would rape her.

Once again, I am going to have to call bullshit. As someone who, at this point, would have already been repeatedly harassed by Roy Moore, why would this woman jump into his car? Her boyfriend was already on his way to pick her up. This was before a simple cell phone call could clear any confusion as to her whereabouts.

If the event occurred at the all, the possibility that Nelson was a vile skank is hard to ignore. Her boyfriend at the time, naturally, would have thought the same, which is why she didn’t tell him when he picked her up after the “assault”.

So, a month before an important election, we are supposed to believe the unsubstantiated claims of a drug-abusing thot? Is this how far we have sunken?

In context, Roy Moore’s only crime is not settling for a used up cum-guzzling harlot, and he is being prosecuted by the media mercilessly. Never mind the fact that all of the media conglomerates covering the story also engage in the sexualization of children; the witch hunt against Roy Moore has little to do with anything but the result of the upcoming election.