Rowdy Mestizos Interrupt Pelosi Event, Demand Blank Check

I remember the scene in which I determined that, regardless of the fake polling, regardless of the constant media propaganda, and regardless of anything that could conceivably happen, Donald Trump would win the presidency.

It was during a Trump rally in California, and I watched in horror as a massive crowd of mestizos beat white Trump supporters, danced with glee while waving the Mexican flag, and generally reminded millions of Americans why a massive wall would be worth every penny.

Bad optics, hombre. And I fully expect them to continue until either America literally becomes Mexico, or an end is (somehow) put to this madness.

From CNN:

Speaking in San Francisco about the DREAM Act on Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was interrupted by a group of protesters, including some undocumented immigrants, CNN affiliate KPIX reported.

The group carried a large banner and chanted: “We undocumented youth demand a clean bill … We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values … We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump,” according to KPIX.

“You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful music to our ears,” Pelosi said, KPIX reported.

After the chanting continued, Pelosi told the group to “just stop it now!”
These people have a political party, hell-bent on turning America into a “Latin American” state, aided by the blood-money of billionaires and supported by multi-billion dollar media conglomerates, and they still protest nonsensically the very people who seek to give them our future.
It would be almost mind-boggling if not for the well-documented nihilism of Central American politics. They will literally not stop until some drug cartel puts them beneath their boot.

Unsurprisingly, CNN, which generally runs cover for leftist agitators, is hardly able to put a coherent message to the throngs of protesters. It is probably safe to assume, however, that by “clean bill,” they meant blank check. You know, amnesty for themselves and family members, free college, the works.

It would be a real shame if more liberals were to get unintentionally red-pilled by this behavior.