Quartz to “Alt-Right”: P…Please Stop Bullying Google

According to Quartz writer Karen Hao, “The alt-right’s coordinated attacks on Google should disturb you”.  Why? Actually, Hao does not let us know why disenfranchised NEETS shit-talking google online should shake us all to our very core, but she does strongly insinuate that Google’s “inclusive and progressive” nature elevates the company to a realm beyond ethical inquiry.

Quite convenient for Google, really, given its history of blacklisting domain names to stifle free speech and spying on users for a variety of lucrative marketing ventures.

Hao also conflates Stefan Molyneux with the alt-right, which is akin to to referring to Hao as “the Mongolian writer for the Atlantic,” but that is beside the point.

Among the alt-right’s various crimes, according to Hao:

The coordinated attacks on Google neatly follow the same pattern. By brandishing Damore’s manifesto as proof of Google’s “authoritarian” overreach and evoking Big Brother-like descriptions of groupthink, the alt-right begins to pervert a once-benevolent symbol into a disturbing one.

Working at Google requires suffering through “constant abuse, sneers, insults and smears from people who detest that you disagreed with them,” details one article in Breitbart’s “Rebels of Google” series.

In a Fox News segment aired a week after Damore’s firing, commentator Tucker Carlson described Google’s statement on [the Damore manifesto and subsequent firing] as “perhaps the most Orwellian statement written since Orwell himself finished 1984.”

So… I guess the “attack” by the alt-right (although, technically, the writer fails to mention any alt-right outlets or personalities) amounts to a reasoned critique on the de-platforming and censorship power wielded by a massive tech company? Such inquiries used to fall under the first amendment; perhaps the “frightening” thing here should be this Chinese MIT grad wanting to deal with Google naysayers the way the Chinese government deals with critics.

Hao continues:

Perhaps ironically, the recent activity hasn’t really disturbed Silicon Valley itself. One Bay Area-based Google employee, who has worked at the company for six years, told me that the incident hasn’t changed her experience at work, nor does she believe it will affect the company’s image among potential job candidates.

How ironic. An internal memo, a Stefan Molymeme podcast and a couple of Breitbart articles didn’t completely take down Silicon Valley. It truly is a shame, too, as a right-wing internet would naturally give rise to rampant grammar-Nazism, and under that brand of fascist journalistic control Hao and her editors would probably be gassed for writing such inane propaganda under the auspices of “tech journalism”.

What actually is ironic, however, is that the leftist reaction to the Damore manifesto red-pilled more people than the man’s milquetoast ode to human biologic diversity.

With that in mind, I would like to thank Hao and Quartz for the, er, thoughtful piece of journalism.