Parents Disown Alt Right Teen For Sharing Pepe Meme

Fairfax, Virginia- Mr. and Mrs. Cooper realized that there was something wrong with their son, Andrew, late last summer. By the time they had a grasp on the situation, their progressive baby had become an alt right teen.

“I don’t know what happened,” his mother explained tearfully. “Andrew stopped smoking weed, he started working out… he just wasn’t the same kid anymore.”

At Andrew’s school, the 15 year old boy’s warped perception of reality became even more drastic.

“One day Andrew came home from class and started complaining that there are only two genders,” Andrews father said sadly. “He wouldn’t watch Bill Nye’s new series with me… He called it degenerate. The kind of things the kid was saying sounded as if they came straight out of Mein Kampf!”

Mr. Cooper, an associate professor at the local community college, says that both he and his wife raised Andrew to be a stand-up kid that fought for minorities and social justice above all else.

“Andrew was a good kid before he became an alt right teen,” Mrs. Cooper recollected. “He used to go to Gay Pride marches with us in the city. He would give black women his seat on the bus and apologize for what white people did to harm black bodies all over the world. Andrew actually almost killed himself out of guilt several years ago,” his loving mother recalled fondly.

The final straw came during the election. It arrived in the form of a Facebook meme featuring a smiling green frog, which Andrew shared on his personal account.

“I know what the frog is,” Andrew’s father said, fighting back tears. “I watched Hillary’s speech in its entirety.”

“My son is literally Hitler,” Mrs. Cooper added.

After sharing the unfathomable meme, the Coopers cast their only son out of their home. It was hard. Nevertheless, it was something they had to do.

Andrew had no money; only the clothes on his back and a heart filled with vile racism. He has been living at his friend’s house ever since.

When I reached out to Andrew about his parent’s decision, he did not answer immediately. However, after contacting Andrew again this week, he did state that there was one thing that he wished he had told his father before being cast out into the world.

You’re a cuck.


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