ABSURD: NFL To Champion “Social Justice” Issues

The NFL  held an important meeting with the Players Union on Tuesday. In light of the recent NFL boycott and players being vetted by communist agents, all eyes were focused on what would typically be a forgettable event.

There were several takeaways from the meeting in which the league tried to take the middle road. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants players to stand for the anthem, but is refusing to make it a requirement. Thus, the league’s stance is sure to anger both patriotic fans and SJW players alike.

Additionally, Goodell emphasized his deep support for the players’ “social justice” concerns.

Much like amnesty-mongering Republicans, it would seem that the league is content on digging its own grave. The NFL boycott will not be ending anytime soon.

From The Washington Times:

We did not ask for [an end to the national anthem protest],” Mr. Goodell said in a statement. “We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to — issues to make our communities better. I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.

Former NFL lineman Willie Colon, now an analyst for SportsNet New York, said players told him that “nothing got done.”

It’s possible the issue will resolve itself without league action. The number of players refusing to stand has fallen off dramatically since peaking shortly after President Trump suggested at a Sept. 22 speech that owners should fire any “son of a bitch” who refuses to stand.

“The players were very clear about how they felt about these issues and how deeply they felt about these issues in our communities,” said Mr. Goodell.

There is very clearly a racial dynamic to the national anthem protest that the media is ignoring. It goes beyond the NFL.


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anthem protest race


No (Social) Justice, No Peace

I can’t help but wonder what “social justice concerns” NFL players have. They certainly don’t seem concerned that football players (at all levels) in America are treated as demigods that are above the law.

How many professional football players protested when the Waco Police Deptartment and Baylor University colluded to bury multiple rape accusations so that their star players could live to play (and rape) another day?

Fifty-two rapes in four years may sound like a lot, but many thought Baylor would compete for the national championship that year. Totally worth it.

Is the right to not be beaten senseless by your spouse or boyfriend a social justice issue? If so, NFL players have been disturbingly quiet given the fact that a player is accused of domestic violence on a yearly basis, if not more frequently. Generally speaking, players support their teammate in these circumstances or remain quiet.


It’s not exaggerating to say that NFL stars can get away with murder. Just ask Ray Lewis or OJ Simpson. Don’t forget, blacks all over America cheered when OJ was acquitted.

Not surprisingly, rape, murder, and domestic abuse are all legitimate social issues that disproportionately affect black communities. Even less surprisingly, these are not the social justice issues that NFL players want to talk about.

The NFL boycott is not about the national anthem. It is about white Americans unconsciously turning to identity politics. Given the fact that one cannot even watch football anymore without (black) identity taking center stage, this is not surprising.


Should athletes be above the law? Let us know in the comments!

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