Makeapp: The End Of Female Sexual Hegemony

It is without a doubt that technological innovations over the past couple of decades have done nothing but bolster women’s self-esteem and endless thirst for male attention.

Smartphones and the toxic narcissism they have helped to engender seem to effect women almost exclusively. For any woman over the age of 13, one can probably find photos of them online where they are intentionally emphasizing their tits and ass, all in the hopes that it will help them find an alpha chad who will fuck their brains out.

Of course, they post these images under the auspice of showing off their new shoes or supporting a laudable cause, but that doesn’t really fool anyone.

What does fool people, however, is the layers of makeup that these charlatan wenches cake onto their flesh. Well, no longer.

From HuffPo:

A new makeup app is courting controversy all across the web for its ability to remove makeup from pictures or video. The 99-cent app, called MakeApp, uses artificial intelligence to add or remove makeup on a face in a photo or video.

The program, created by Ashot Gabrelyanov, is troubling for a variety of reasons.

The idea that women layer on foundation and mascara as a way to hide their “true” faces from the opposite sex is a longstanding — and sexist — belief. As Elle Australia pointed out, a 2017 YouGov survey revealed that an astounding 63 percent of men believe that women wear makeup to “trick” them.

“Makeup is so often a tool used to curate identity and image — and I for one would never post a selfie on the internet without my battle armor of red lipstick and black eyeliner,” she added. “Stealing a woman’s choice to wear — or not wear — a full face of makeup is problematic. We must ask ourselves: what exactly is the purpose of this app, and what is the male equivalent?”

Roasties BTFO!!! I seriously do not know how they will ever recover.

With this kind of technology, white women may be forced to have children again instead of having casual sex with random men until they are thirty and then surrounding themselves with dogs and cats.

As expected, the feminist rage is delectable.




Multiple publications are already publishing how Makeapp is basically a Russian conspiracy, which, more or less, lets you know that it’s legit.

From the fake news media to the vapid qt next door who won’t have sex with you, the veneer of illusion has been hastily pulled away from objective reality. Human consciousness, at this very point in time, is reaching a stage that, since the invent of mass media, has been thought impossible.

Every woman RN.

Some have noted that the programming behind Makeapp is so complex that it can strip the “makeup” off of humans and non humans alike. Indeed, the app is known to electronically construct Absolute Reality, sort of like that mirror from Harry Potter did with wishes, or whatever.

The results are startling.