Man Rationalizes Racism After Daughter Raped By Migrants

Birmingham, United Kingdom- Jonathan Davies, the father of the British teen who was raped by Muslim migrants on consecutive occasions on the same night, has taken to social media to voice concerns over England’s rate of Muslim immigration. According to one source, Mr. Davies even went so far as to question the character of some migrants who call England their home.

The Birmingham Police Department has opened an investigation on Mr. Davies’ bigoted rhetoric. If formally charged, the Birmingham resident will face a minimum of two years in prison.

“Jonathan Davies, as court records show, has absolutely crossed the line,” said Karima Al-Shalaya Ali, the Birmingham Police Department’s Chief Vibrancy Officer, as she peered through her burka. “To hate human beings based on nothing but the color of their skin, without any good reason to do so, is absolutely haram in my native Pakistan.”

When the blood of infidels flows as an unimpeded river from Europe to Mecca, Allah will rejoice.
-Mohammad Abu-Kuma

While the source of Mr. Davies’ hatred for Muslim migrants is not clear, the man’s disgusting, reprehensible Facebook posts have torn his close-knit community apart.

“I honestly worry about what would happen to my son were he to rape a filthy European whore,” said local plumber Mohammad Abu-Kumar, as he fondled the breasts of an underage British teen, tears pouring out her big, bruised eyes. “When the blood of infidels flows as an unimpeded river from Europe to Mecca, Allah will rejoice.”

While Mr. Davies faces serious penalties for his wicked social media transgressions, the Davies’ clan is awaiting yet another verdict.

“Since the white harlot was raped within the jurisdiction of a local shariah-zone,” said Karima Al-Shalaya Ali, sternly, “she is facing charges including public lewdness and failure to be accompanied by a virtuous male, among others.” Perhaps ironically, the penalty for the aforementioned crimes under Shariah law would be another series of gang rapes.

In spite of this, Jonathan Davies insists that he has been wrongly accused and has committed no crime. While the Trigger strives to provide honest news to the masses, it has been decided that Mr. Davies’ rhetoric is too contemptible for this upstanding publication.

What is absolutely clear, however, is that Jonathan Davies’ hatred stems from nothing but a fear of diverse skin pigmentation, and probable penile insufficiency. There can be no other rational explanation.


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