Las Vegas Shooting: 5 Signs That Point To FBI Coverup

The FBI’s investigation of the Las Vegas shooting just keeps getting crazier.

At this point, the entire investigation has shifted in such fundamental ways that it would seem nearly everything reported over the last week was meant to confuse and divert suspicion.

Which, as a matter of fact, is standard operating procedure for the FBI.

The whole investigation for the Las Vegas shooting is being comped by the American taxpayer. An all-expenses paid buffet of priceless sushi, disinformation, and lies.

Eric Paddock is likely very impressed.


las vegas shooting eric paddock comped


Here are 5 recent developments you need to know:


1. The Timeline Has Been Turned Upside-Down

On Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revised a key detail in the case of the Las Vegas shooting. Lombardo stated that Stephen Paddock began shooting concertgoers six minutes after shooting security guard Jesus Campos. It had previously been reported that Campos’ intrusion is what made Paddock stop shooting people and turn the gun on himself.

The questions this new timeline raises are obvious.

From NPR:

The revision to the timeline raises new questions about the timing of the police response — and about why Paddock stopped shooting at around 10:15 p.m., if it was not Campos’ intervention that caused him to do so. According to police accounts, it was more than an hour between the moment the gunfire ended and the moment officers breached and entered Paddock’s room, at about 11:20 p.m.

Lombardo acknowledged that “we do not know why at this point” why that gunfire ended — but he cast the revision as one of a number of “minute changes” common to an evolving investigation.

If Campos were shot before the main shooting and notified management immediately, one would assume that police would respond to the initial shooting in such a manner that would help them stop the main event. Instead, they arrive an hour after Paddock’s brains had already been sprayed over the floor.

One explanation (and an obvious one at that) for the total lack of a response by law enforcement is that it allowed the actual gunmen to get the hell out of dodge after unloading on concertgoers for about nine minutes.


2. No Indication that Jesus Campos exists

Speaking of Jesus Campos, the security guard who the police should have responded to after the initial shooting, who the hell is this guy? Even the mainstream media is not hiding the fact that this guy basically doesn’t exist.

To add to the mystery, Jesus Campos is not able to be located on a database of NV security workers.

A diverse security man kindasorta saving the day is precisely the kind of story the media likes to run. Of course, the story would only work if law enforcement actually tried to stop the slaughter for occurring, which apparently didn’t happen.

But wait, the story gets even stranger!


3. FBI is Cleaning Up Their Mess

Burglars (who are most assuredly not government spooks) have recently broken into Stephen Paddock’s Reno home.

The break-in occurred through the front door, said Officer Tim Broadway of the Reno Police Department. Detectives do not yet know the number of suspects involved.

They also were not aware of anything taken or any damage, he said. The FBI, which was notified immediately, and Reno police are working to make sure no further incidents occur.

That’s not suspicious at all. Probably just teens breaking into Paddock’s place to see if the rumors of millions of dollars worth of comped sushi could be true. That would certainly explain why nothing was stolen, destroyed, or seemingly touched by whoever broke into the guy’s house.

Of course, it is also possible that an FBI agent got word that there is actual evidence in the house. One would not want that kind of stuff to get out to the public. Especially if it would undermine the half-assed narrative that has been constructed (and reconstructed) up to this point.


2. Las Vegas Shooting Suspect is Prototypical Spook

After a week of the FBI looking into the life of Stephen Paddock, these are the things we know:

  • He got rich playing video poker
  • He had an affinity for comped sushi and Filipino gold-diggers
  • Had had no political or ideological beliefs whatsoever

I find this hard to believe. Maybe when this guy’s father was robbing banks the government found it hard to track people’s thoughts, but no such impediments exist today. The FBI has his text messages, a detailed dossier of ever association that he has ever kept, his Pornhub history, a record of his transactions, everything.

Privacy does not exist anymore. And yet, somehow, the person at the center of this case managed to keep himself almost completely anonymous. Even while leaving what appears to be a note on his dresser.

las vegas shooting note
Mass-shooter calculus. Nothing of investigative value here.

Furthermore, according to very reliable sources, one does not make millions of dollars playing video poker at casinos. The machines are literally designed to make money. So the most fundamental “fact” the FBI has been able to discern is an obvious misdirection intended to confuse the topic of how this guy became a rich sushi-comping baller.

After working for the federal government and Lockheed Martin, Paddock’s job history goes blank. I can personally guarantee that whatever he was doing, the FBI knows. And he wasn’t playing video poker.


1. Fake News Running Cover For Bogus Narrative

If you are closely following the case of the Las Vegas shooting, you will notice little stories pop up here and there from minor sources that drop breadcrumbs as to the “proof” that Stephen Paddock was mentally deranged. The latest such story involves Paddock’s dealings with Vegas prostitutes.

This nonsense is designed for yet another anonymous source to “shed light” on Paddock’s mental state. Not exactly hard evidence, but it will be taken as such.

Paddock blamed his bank-robbing dad for his “dark and twisted side,” the 27-year-old prostitute told Britain’s The Sun newspaper…“I didn’t have anything really to do with him, but the bad streak is in my blood. I was born bad,’’ Paddock told the hooker, according to The Sun.

The prostitute said the 64-year-old retired accountant paid her as much as $7,500 a night to join him for “really aggressive and violent sex,’’ which included “rapes.”

She added that Paddock was a conspiracy theorist who believed the US government perpetrated the 9/11 terror attacks.

If violent rape fantasies are indicative of psychopathy, then nearly every woman I have ever dated must have been mentally deranged. The 9/11 reference is very obviously added to portray the man as crazy. Only a crazy person would believe the government covers up crimes under the auspice of a legitimate investigation. 

These levels of irony should not be remotely possible.

Many have also pointed out that the price supposedly paid for this prostitute is absolutely unreasonable. Especially for a person who is not a celebrity with a reason to hide his dirty deeds. Unless, of course, he was hiding something else.

Who was Stephen Paddock: Sushi-comping millionaire baller-turned-murderer, government spook, or convenient patsy? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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