Las Vegas Shooting: 5 Things That Don’t Add Up

On October 1, 2017, a 64 year-old shooter by the name of Stephen Paddock allegedly opened fire on concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, killing at least 59 people and injuring over 525. This makes the Las Vegas shooting the most deadly mass-shooting in American history.

However, there are many details to the Las Vegas shooting that simply don’t add up. Was the shooting truly perpetrated by a single man without major ideological leanings or military training? Read on and be the judge.


5. How Did Paddock Get the Guns?

Somehow, we are expected to believe that Paddock acquired the 23 firearms used in the shooting, including 10 rifles, without anyone close to him knowing. Additionally, 19 other firearms were found at the man’s home.

Were all of these firearms (including the various modifications and accessories) procured legally and without setting off any red flags? As it appears that at least one fully automatic weapon was used, it is necessary to point out how difficult it would be to lay one’s hands on one, legally or not.

It is also important to note that Paddock had a live-in comanion in Marilou Danley, who has, somehow, already been cleared by LVPD as a person-of-interest. Perhaps she was too busy staring at her phone to glean her boyfriend’s intentions or arsenal over the course of his gun-acquisitions.


4. “Lone Wolf” or ISIS Terror Cell?

Claims by ISIS that Stephen Paddock was working for them have been largely dismissed by media and law enforcement officials. True, deranged baby boomers are not generally the Islamic terror cell’s MO,  but who hates America more than those who lived their entire lives under flower-power brand social engineering?

las vegas shooter
The Eternal Boomer

Islamic State ties would actually explain certain aspects of the attack, such as how it was planned, how such a large arsenal was acquired, or why a wealthy man would go postal on innocent people, seemingly at random.

It should also be noted that Islamic State has generally been pretty reliable when taking credits for attacks. For instance, according to Rukmini Callimachi on Twitter, ISIS failed to claim a vehicular attack in Canada just this weekend in which the perpetrator had an ISIS flag on the dash of his vehicle.


3. Reports From The Killing Field

According to a woman who was among those fired upon, a deranged mestizo allegedly yelled at concert-goers, saying “you’re all going to fucking die!” 45 minutes before the carnage started. What is perhaps even more strange is that concert security stated that no such person was removed from the concert.

This fact potentially corroborates multiple reports from concert-goers (as well as independently-submitted video) of multiple shooters being spotted opening fire.

While a “fog of war” effect is commonplace in fight-or-flight situations, the existence of at least two people who seemed to know about the event before it happened would point to this being a coordinated attack. Naturally, very little news coverage has focused on these compelling narratives.


2. The Filipino Connection

A week before the shooting, Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines. It has not yet been discovered who or what this wire transfer was intended for. Would it make sense to wire that much cash to your girlfriend’s family if one was intending to die a week later? He had been dating the woman for less than a year, making that sort of gesture more than a little strange.

isis phillipines
Unless it went to these guys.

The Philippines is a well-known ISIS stronghold. If it cannot be determined that the wire transfer was sent to his girlfriend’s family, would it be that crazy to assume the funds were sent to ISIS operatives who may have provided support for the attack?

Naturally, the media appears to be avoiding the question altogether.


1. No Ordinary Mass Shooting

As we have already pointed out, the recent Las Vegas shooting was anything but ordinary. Perhaps the most overlooked aspects of the entire situation, however, are the logistics and planning it would take to pull off a coordinated attack of this magnitude.

As a hobbyist killer, I find it strange that Paddock took the time to rent rooms days in advance that would afford him a perfect vantage point for the attack. I also find the prospect a person lugging so many bags of guns up to his room, especially as an old man, to be highly suspicious. Can Paddock be seen making many, many trips in and out of the hotel on security cameras? Was anybody else in his room during his stay?

It is hardly likely that these facts will ever be reported on. Additionally, the technical know-how needed to assemble Paddock’s customized arsenal does not match up with the killer’s reported level of firearm experience. As Go-pro cameras were set up to monitor police presence in his room,  it is clear that a highly technical operation had taken place. Seemingly with no help whatsoever.

One final aspect that is quite strange is that no manifesto was found at the scene of the crime. Nearly ever mass shooter announces his intentions before the act, as both the killing of people and the need to rationalize it are narcissistic actions that are commonplace among sociopaths.

In Stephen Paddock, we have a man with seemingly no reason to do what he did, who left no inkling as to his intentions, and no clues as to how he pulled it off. Added to the other bizarre aspects of the shooting, it is clear that details are being suppressed or totally fabricated to manufacture a narrative. 


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