Kaepernick Awaits Leadership Role For Black Lives Matter

Almost everyone in America has heard about the NFL committing ritual suicide and “taking a knee”. But few have explored how this situation started or what Colin Kaepernick, a third-rate player, has to gain from becoming the face of a protest.

Kaepernick’s “take a knee” protest has nothing to do with police brutality, the criminal justice system, or the National Anthem. For the millionaire quarterback, it doesn’t even have much to do with money. It does, however, have everything to do with hubris.

It has become clear that, as his short career winds to a halt, Colin Kaepernick has set himself up for a highly visible position at Black Lives Matter.

Kaepernick, with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey

DeRay Mckesson, perhaps the most visible face behind Black Lives Matter, offered some insights into Kaepernick’s role for the movement at the FORBES’ Under 30 Summit last year.

From Forbes:

McKesson emphasizes that he didn’t take part in Kaepernick’s initial decision to kneel during the national anthem, but he’s since spoken regularly with the 49ers quarterback to offer guidance on BLM’s mission and strategic objectives. He thinks that engaging visible public figures like Kaepernick is key to broadening awareness of racial injustice.

Initially, McKesson admits, he was frustrated by the lack of institutional support for BLM activists in Ferguson and elsewhere. “We thought the churches and institutions were coming to support us,” he told Foss. When they didn’t, “That was really tough for a lot of us.”

It is obvious why Black Lives Matter want a celebrity to help market their cause on a national stage. What is less apparent is what Kaepernick might gain from such an arrangement.

One must not forgot that “taking a knee,” at least partially, has already led to the player’s professional downfall. Of course, throwing interceptions and serving as a tackling dummy for opposing defenses did not help his cause, either.

Does Kaepernick have what it takes to be a leader for Black Lives Matter? As Bob Costas recently noted, Kaepernick isn’t equipped to discuss politics. Or much of anything, for that matter.

Those who believe that Kaepernick’s ignorance will keep him out of the limelight underestimate the man’s lust for attention. Of course, as for all leftist protesters, the Soros-bucks sweeten the deal as well.

Ironically, the inability to discuss concepts of intellectual merit will turn Kaepernick into an overnight thought-leader for Black Lives Matter. Seeing as how the entire Black Lives Matter narrative is based on easily refutable propaganda, one does not need to become a scholar or an intellectual to serve as a leader.

As Shaun King (aka Talcum X) proves, one does not even need to be black as long as they denounce and shun the white parents who showered them with love.

Given the fact that Kaepernick is already under the wing of a BLM handler in DeRay Mckesson, I can guarantee that we will be seeing him on the sidelines at Black Lives Matter events after his NFL days are done.

Will he effectively run plays and manage an offensive with the radical black-supremacist organization? One hopes  he is equally capable as he was in the NFL.

If so, like opposing defenses, we will probably not have too much to worry about.


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