Jeff Sessions Is Making All The Moves (That Trump’s Base Never Really Wanted)

Conservatives who still read CNN will quickly notice that Trump is portrayed alternatively as an all-powerful Hitler-esque despot or a bumbling fool who gets nothing of importance done.

More and more, the America-first base of the President will start feeling as if the second characterization is generally accurate, at least, when pertaining to the issues that convinced them to support Trump in the first place. Don’t worry, though, because BASED Jeff Sessions is making YUGE moves.

From CNN:

…where Trump has failed to roll back former President Barack Obama’s signature achievements and policies, Sessions, under the radar and without congressional tripwires at his feet, is erasing some others with startling speed… In no particular order,[Sessions] has:

  • Directed federal prosecutors to pursue the stiffest possible charge in every single criminal case — potentially triggering draconian mandatory minimum sentences the Obama administration tried to avoid on fairness grounds for non-violent offenders.
  • Withdrawn an Obama administration directive offering protections for transgender students who wanted to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity.
  • …asked state election officials in June to lay out their processes for purging voter rolls of individuals who have become ineligible due to, among other reasons, “death or change of residence.”
  • Put in place a policy that could pave the way for an increase in a certain kind of civil asset forfeiture, a controversial practice… that allows police to seize money or property from suspects who haven’t been convicted of a crime.

Okay, voter reform is obviously much needed but I don’t know of any Trump supporters who were clamoring for revamped civil asset forfeiture guidelines or more draconian punishments for victimless crimes (that don’t involve entering the country illegally).

Where Trump is primarily focused on how he’s covered in the press and how his actions play with “the base,” officials like Sessions and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt have shown themselves to be laser-focused on very specific policy points.

Perhaps my proclivities for an iron-fisted conservative regime are not shared by the whole base, but I don’t think anyone voted for Trump to have Congress fix the broken policies that Obama enacted without even consulting the American legislature. As a matter of fact, Obama’s executive-order laden approach to social change is exactly what many expected, to be used as a tactic to reverse the deleterious results of 8 years of liberal policy.

If only enforcing existing immigration law were as easy as, say, creating and implementing a vast data-collection network that actively spies on all Americans.

Shit, we effectively overthrew Iraq and Libya, handing the reigns to Islamic State in the region, all without consulting Congress. But the President can’t overturn an Obama-era order that grants special privileges to illegal aliens that are enumerated nowhere in the Constitution?

Asking Congress to “fix” a problem that they didn’t even sign into law in the first place is incredibly cowardly, especially if your administration is an implicit admission from the American people that Congress never really cared about the average American in the first place.

According to CNN, Trump’s deferment is likely a tactical decision based on how he will be “covered in the press” in conjunction with “how is actions play with his base”. If this is actually the case, Trump may be as clueless as CNN regarding the hopes of the average American.

At least, with Sessions manning the helm for now, we can, like, lock up stoners for longer and, you know, jack whatever cash happens to be in their car at the time of the arrest.

Wasn’t that why we were so excited about Trump in the first place?