Israel to Deport African Migrants

Israel does not care about black people.

40,000 blacks from Eritrea and Sudan are currently being held in Holot Detention Center, guilty of nothing but the color of their skin and for seeking out a better life in Israel.

The squalor these poor souls have to live with is truly horrendous. Given how culturally homogeneous Israel is, one might think that 40,000 Africans would enrich and diversify the Jewish state. In fact, it is hard to imagine Israel being able to survive without massive amounts of African immigration.

Instead of building bridges, however, a wall was built. A wall constructed of racism, bigotry, and hate.

I honestly thought whites were uniquely capable of those things, but here you have it.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Netanyahu said he has a three-pronged policy regarding getting migrants to leave the country, with the current focus being to encourage most of them to self-deport to a third country – which reports have identified as Rwanda.

In the years prior to 2012, a flood of African migrants crossed into Israel illegally, at one point reaching around 64,000 annually.

Netanyahu said that the state had already carried out the first two prongs of its strategy: stopping the flow of new migrants by building a wall and through legislation, as well as getting more than 20,000 migrants to leave.

The third stage of deporting migrants at an increased pace, he said, “can be carried out thanks to an international agreement which I obtained which allows us to deport the 40,000 remaining infiltrators against their will.

Erdan and Deri’s idea would be to offer migrants the choice of “voluntarily” deporting to a third country or being put in regular prison indefinitely.

An indefinite prison sentence simply for being a black person in search of a better life? Sounds a little Hitleresque. As a lifelong antifascist, I am both shocked and appalled by this news.

Moreover, it’s incredibly suspicious that the Jewish state is able to get away with this, even as European conservatives that question the migration crisis in their own backyards are labeled as “nazis” and “right wing extremists”.

Hell, many in Germany and England are in jail for anti-migrant Facebook shitposting. In Sweden, simply stating an objective truth will get you thrown in the slammer.

Of course, when you are arrested for a hate crime in Europe, you should consider yourself lucky if you are not found dead.

Don’t worry, I’m sure the international community and media will be coming down on Netanyahu just as they did with Trump, given the similarities between their “wall and massive deportation” platforms.

I’m sure they will.

Any day now…