Immigrant Sexually Assaults 7 Year Old, 3 Others

Before we jump to conclusions, I’m sure he was just teaching the young girls about the Qua’ran.

From WMUR:

Mohammod Rafique is facing six charges, including two counts of felonious sexual assault. Nashua police said the incident happened in late August and involves four girls, including a 7-year-old.

Rafique was described in court as a refugee from Myanmar who has lived in Nashua for two years. An interpreter was provided by phone.

Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, saying it was needed to protect the victims. Defense lawyers said Rafique is innocent.

The judge set bail at $15,000, with another hearing scheduled for next month.

This is truly sickening. Can’t an immigrant man teach our young girls about the Qua’ran at his home anymore without getting tied up in legal proceedings?

The real crime is what people are saying about this guy on social media. Islamophobia at its worst.