Not Bad: German Terrorism Charges Quadruple in 2017

I have always said that the true mark of a civilized liberal society is deranged Muslims plotting to run your children over with a truck or stab you in the neck while you are doing some weekend shopping. In this regard, the recent German terrorism statistics should give us all some hope.

I have it on good authority that these kinds of things are just part and parcel of living in a big city, anyway.

From Breitbart:

According to the Welt am Sonntag, Germany has seen a quadrupling of the number of terror-related cases in just one year, with prosecutors having opened more than 900 so far in 2017, compared with 250 cases initiated throughout 2016.

Around 705 Islamists who are living in Germany have been identified by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) as posing a terror threat to the nation. While some of these extremists have been locked up, authorities say radicalisation is a major problem in German prisons.

Local media reported this week that a “highly dangerous” Lebanese migrant who officials classify as a “threat to internal security” in Germany will soon be released from prison despite his having threatened to carry out attacks on non-Muslims.

Mohammed A. was radicalised while serving a three and a half year term for robbery, according to authorities in Berlin, who warned in an official statement that the 27-year-old plans to “use every opportunity for an attack on unbelievers” after his release from prison.

Wait, so right-wing German trolls are getting locked up for making memes, but promising to kill non-Muslims after your release from prison is apparently not a crime?

I have to admit, that is a very progressive outlook. No wonder Berlin has become a real Mecca for real and fake migrants alike!

While lax punishments on jihadists are no doubt decreasing rates of Islamic terror and sex assaults, despite the paradoxical statistics, I believe the German government can do even more to stop the stem of Jihad. Didn’t Portugal significantly lower illegal drug use by legalizing drugs?

Maybe it’s time to tell Merkel that we want to #LegalizeJihad! To be honest, the concept of punishing Muslims for slaughtering us at random is Islamophobic, anyway.

Plus, inviting in a million Muslim refugees in 2015 and then asking them politely not to kill or rape people is kind of like going up to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room to discuss a script and not letting him masturbate on you.

German politicians knew what they were doing.

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