Empowering Transgender Children: Short-sighted, or Cruel?

Methinks we will be seeing a lot of this in the next few years.

From Breitbart:

A 14-year-old Australian boy has changed his mind two years after he began gender transition into a woman with female hormones at age 12.

Patrick Mitchell from Australia began taking estrogen hormones at 12-years-old after “professionals” told his mother it was the “right choice”, following a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

“Now, in a bid to revert back to his original body, he has stopped taking his medication and is about to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue in what will be the final stage of his transition,” they continued.

See, this is why you really can’t trust kids, especially in an age of unprecedented media manipulation. This kid’s whole life was spent during the Obama age, when transsexuals were being treated as war or sports heroes. He turns on his television only to see ( f****n’ straight white) males slandered as villains, whether he was watching the news, ESPN, or childish cartoons. There was one face of unquestionable bravery and grace that he could look up to, however…

So brave. 

I am of the opinion that gender dysmorphia is one in a long line of health conditions that is being caused by a general state of mass hysteria. While this used to affect women almost exclusively, it would seem that the water (which is turning the frogs gay, thank you very much) we are consuming, not to mention the xenoestrogens found in plastics and processed foods, have feminized Western men to the point where we too have become powerless to meaningless hearsay from the shrilling mouths of the truly insane.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned insane people are in control of our children’s institutions.

Last month, it was reported that a Californian first grader had been sent to the principal’s office for misgendering a fellow student, who had recently come out as transgender.

I’ll tell you a story about another first grader who I used to see at church. She was rather fond of me, as were most of the kids. She said her dad is an airline pilot and could fly us to Thailand to get married. Luckily, it would seem the parents were not obliged to give their child away in marriage to a 22 year old man. The bigots.

When mapping out the trajectory of liberal subversion, there is no better country to look toward than Sweden to envision how your society might look in ten years or so. As it turns out, this has become a Mecca for not only unemployed Arabs, but prepubescent trans kids as well.

From RT:

The number of children feeling the anxiety of being trapped in the wrong body is doubling each year in Sweden, with children as young as six wanting to become the opposite sex, doctors have said, according to local media.

Last year, a Swedish gender investigation team saw some 197 children and young people keen to undergo analysis to determine their gender identity and become the opposite sex, Louise Frisen, child psychiatrist at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm, told Swedish daily Aftonbladet.

There [are] more and more young people, and more children coming at very young ages. The increase is identical on the adult side too,” she added.

Dhejne warned, however, that  . “The problem in Sweden is that there is a long queue for people both for initiating an investigation into their gender identity and for the different stages of treatment across the country. It is worrying.”

Let’s see, is it more worrying that that Swedish “gender investigation teams” lack the resources to “help” these children all at once, or that “41% [of transsexuals] try to kill themselves at some point in their lives”? Because it sounds to me like liberal Western societies might have some sort of (incredibly specific) mental health crisis on their hands.

Ironically, for transsexuals, and for Sweden in general, gender reassignment, much like mass immigration, is not something one can just instantly reverse when one realizes that they are well along the road to personal (or cultural) suicide.