Emmys Ratings Flatlining: But Who Cares?

As you might have heard, the Emmys have not been doing too well.


Many in the entertainment industry are busy making excuses for the third consecutive year of stagnation for the entertainment award show. While Trump, hurricanes, and even viewers have been blamed for the general apathy surrounding network TV, there could yet be another reasonable explanation.

Like, for instance, nobody cares about a room full of media elites jerking themselves off when compelling television has been dead for some time.

From The Washington Post:

Some quick fact-checking: The number of viewers on the Emmys broadcast was not the lowest ever, a title held by the 2016 show. (As CNN’s Frank Palotta notes, this year’s numbers were also probably negatively affected by the hurricane in Florida.)

Trump made a similar argument more directly last week, suggesting that ESPN was losing subscribers because one of its reporters said something mean about him on Twitter. But ESPN’s decline — like the Emmys’ — began long before the era of Donald Trump.

The decline in Emmys viewership that really began in 2007 or so was not a function of DEPLORABLES tuning out because of Donald Trump… It was a function, in part, of larger trends rippling through the entertainment industry.

So, what could have happened around 2007 or so that would be the death-knell of the entertainment industry?

Photo by Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9065785b)

Perhaps half of America is tired of being characterized as dim-witted, racist hicks when they turn on their televisions. Perhaps the leftist agitators, who have injected cultural Marxism into everything from Disney movies, to TV sitcoms, to the Browns-Patriots game, have made themselves irrelevant given a technological landscape in which a 15 year old can post more compelling content to YouTube for free (until it is taken down by the ADL thought police).

We are living in a time in which a media nobody can make a few calls and have a popular show cancelled because the creators have “problematic” (ie: right-wing) views. What incentive is there for non-leftists to watch TV or instant-streaming services (much less their award shows) if the American media is engaged in a conspiracy to keep right-of-center Americans hopelessly bored, or worse, propagandized.

Mel Gibson was blacklisted from Hollywood for a decade, all for a drunken, anti-Semitic rant. It’s a shame that he didn’t do something less controversial, like rape a woman with his buddy.

Irrelevance is the only award worthy of the Emmys, which will continue to take home the prize as Americans increasingly deal with real world issues.