Brazil Art Exhibit: Child Encouraged to Touch Nude Pervert

A exhibit held in Brazil has everyone asking “is it okay to let your toddler fondle a naked stranger?”. The resounding answer, from right-wing bigots and fascists everywhere, appears to be “no”.

But what if it’s art?

From Metro UK:

The young girl crawls around the man at the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in Brazil, as he lies on his back surrounded by other people looking on.

Her mother actively encourages her to touch the feet, legs and hand of artist Wagner Schwartz as he performs his ‘La Bete’ stunt.

The bosses behind the work maintain Schwartz’s naked act is in no way erotic, but outraged right-wing politicians and far-right groups have called for the artist to be arrested.

Stressing that the girl was not in danger, an MAM spokesperson said: ‘The little girl was with her mother who is also an artist. Her daughter asked to enter the show after being given an explanation as to what it contained. ‘The child wanted to participate and under her mother’s guidance and supervision she is seen on all fours going around the artist’s naked body without showing any embarrassment or aversion.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that children should be removed from naked strangers. Even if they are the spawn of a single-mother who is very clearly a radical feminist type. Hell, the child should probably be removed from the mother.

pride parade child
This is not okay.

As someone who has always been fascinated by art, it was very disturbing when I became aware that art is curated by communists and perverts to dismantle wholesome institutions. The curators themselves pretend to hold a moral high-ground, but the ubiquitous nature of child molestation and general degeneracy in these circles has been so well-documented that it is hard to ignore.

In the case of MDE:World Peace, a show with incredibly high ratings was cancelled for anecdotal accounts of bigotry, even though the creators’ subversive shtick was what got them the job in the first place.

You also might recall the prolific Mel Gibson being blacklisted from Hollywood for a decade, all for one drunken diatribe. Does this sort of thing happen to artistic leftists?

Roman Polanski had to flee the country after having sex with a child, and has been accused of raping others. So why did A-list Hollywood celebrities petition for his release after he was finally arrested?

The Birth of a Nation was pushed for Best Picture by Hollywood elites in 2016. Did they mind that both directors of the anti-white film were accused (with one found guilty) of raping a college freshman? To their credit, the directors did add a fictional rape scene to the movie to bring awareness to the issue. Of course, the race of victim and perpetrator was inverse of the directors’ real world experience.

That’s Hollywood.

But art as a cultural institution goes so much further. It’s sitting in Tony Podesta’s house for all to see.

tony podesta pedo art
Nothin’ wrong with that.

And the mainstream media has the audacity to mock those that accuse this pervert of being a pedophile. Or shun people who decry Woody Allen or Roman Polanski as anti-Semites. Because those that question the morality of the leftists that control art and media are calling into question the institutions themselves.

A quick google search of “Brazil art” shows that this isn’t even the only high-profile case in the country this month.

From The New York Times:

The offending images in the display — Queermuseu, or Queer Museum — included a baby monkey snuggling in the Virgin Mary’s arms, sacramental wafers with the words “vagina” and “tongue” written on them and naïve-style portraits of smiling children spray-painted with tags like “transvestite” and “gay child.”

The changes we are seeing in society today, from Netflix cartoons sexualizing children to doctors giving small children hormones in order to make them appear as the opposite gender, were influenced by the “art” of the 70’s.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a four year old toddler fondling a naked man, forever.


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