Brave Black Nurse Fired For “Kill White Babies” Tweet

Thought racism was dead in America? Think again.

kill white babies tweet

I know what you are thinking. Where’s the lie?

From The Washington Times:

An Indiana nurse is out of a job after a racially charged tweet about white women and their sons sparked a firestorm on social media.

Indiana University Health, the state’s largest healthcare system, launched an investigation Saturday over a tweet purportedly written by Taiyesha Baker from a Twitter account named “Night Nurse,” which said white women are raising their boys to become rapists and murderers.

On Sunday, IU Health released a statement saying the employee was no longer working at IU Health, but declined to describe the circumstances surrounding her departure.

“A recently hired IU Health employee tied to troubling posts on social media this weekend is no longer an employee of IU Health,” the statement said.

Naturally, the white supremacist Indiana University Health system has seen to it that this melanated philosopher-goddess is without work. All for speaking the TRUTH.

This story comes only months after another brave, vibrant woman took social justice into her own hands by murdering an 8-month old white baby while working on the staff of a Baltimore daycare. To be fair, the slain baby probably would have grown up to be an IRA terrorist or slave owner or something.

The ramifications of Ms. Baker’s firing may be huge. Given the fact that people of color cannot be racist, it is far more likely that IU Health fired Ms. Baker for the color of her skin and used the woman’s thoughtful tweet as an elaborate excuse.

Whether Ms. Baker makes millions on a racial discrimination lawsuit or earns $100,000 from self-hating white liberals on GoFundMe, the future is certainly looking bright for the young nurse, despite everything white America is throwing at her.

You were too good to be a nurse, anyway, Taiyesha. You are a Queen.