Brave Black Youtubers Simulate Kidnapping in Japan to Promote Vibrant Diversity

Somebody better call Sargon, two black Youtubers just put together an irrefutable, cogent argument for ethnonationalism. Even Richard Spencer couldn’t have put it better himself.


In light of the American military napalming Japan’s civilian population during WWII and subsequently seizing the state as a demilitarized “economic ally,” I can easily think of ways the situation could have been worse for the Japanese.
Like if America exported blacks there to steal women and girls off the street, as in the above video.
Oh, yeah, I guess we kind of did that too. (I can say this because I’m black, myself. And Jewish.)


Surprisingly, this guy was not on the Japanese news for winning a math or flower arrangement competition.
As a matter of fact, the race question as it pertains to American soldiers raping Japanese women and children was one of the first red pills I inadvertently took back in my Lew Rockwell days. The issue of US Military abuse always resonated with me when I was an anti-war ancap type. You can probably imagine my shock when I found out a overwhelming majority of these heinous actions are committed by black guys.


At any rate, the average black person’s cognitive dissonance in regards to racism is truly baffling. Read the comments on the Youtube video. Literally the only people who found the video funny were black. And these people whine about statues that were created before they were born!


As Americans whose ancestors got Shanghaied into taking black people as slaves, and encourage blacks to raise above the meager stations that many of them still hold, one can at least posit that White Americans deserve such negroidal tom foolery in our streets. We don’t deserve it either, of course, but at least one can make an argument. I think the SPLC makes such arguments on the daily basis.


But for Christ’s sake, the thought that these people could somehow enter Japan only to simulate a kidnapping for a shitty Youtube video.. it is the stuff that would cause Yukio Mishima to commit seppuku all over again.


Of course, incidents such as this one may very well lead to intelligent, well-meaning black weeaboos getting their ass kicked while touring Japan in the near future. Journalists talk about the racism blacks experience in Japan all the time.


Really makes you think, huh?