Anthony Weiner Admitted To Jewish Day-Prison

Anthony Weiner is back in the slammer after texting another underaged girl a dick pic. Apparently he is asking for old colleagues to write him there, too.

Unlike Christopher Cantwell (who did nothing wrong, by the way), Weiner’s new digs sound pretty legit.

From the Jewish Daily Forward:

Anthony Weiner reported Monday to the Federal Medical Center Devens, a federal prison in Massachusetts where he will spend the next 21 months after being convicted on charges of transferring obscene material to a minor. He will also be able to observe Jewish traditions there.

“With the assistance of this rabbi and other volunteers, FMC Devens provides services for the Sabbath as well as for Jewish holidays,” a spokesperson for the bureau said. “The current weekly Jewish program schedule includes Jewish study and a program with the rabbi on Wednesdays, Jewish prayer and study on Saturdays, and a Jewish Sabbath service on Fridays.”

The prison offers treatment programs for sex offenders, and it is likely Weiner will participate in these programs.

According to the inmates’ handbook the prison also offers a “religious diet program” for inmates, including kosher food, if Weiner should be interested.

Apparently FMC Devens is a “prison” for the rich and famous where nobody gets raped or beaten. Which is unfortunate, because half of Weiner’s constituency that is under 18 probably saw his junk, which makes a lot of angry NY dads that, I bet, would have loved to get their hands on him.

And LOL at it being “likely” that Weiner will partake in sex offender treatment. When you are an actual criminal and not in a criminal daycare, the authorities really don’t give you an option with this kind of stuff. Hell, get a DUI as an average schlub and find out for yourself.

This guy most assuredly deserves to suffer. Instead he will be eating gefilte fish at FMC Devens on the taxpayer’s dime.

Just thinking about how this creeper was an actual politician makes me feel like an anarchist again.