The Anatomy of a Syrian Pony-Rapist

Well, at least this week’s high-profile story about a Syrian migrant raping something focuses on a pony as opposed to a 10 year old girl.

We shall discuss this phenomenon in more detail presently. Here is the story from RT:

A 23-year-old man sexually assaulted a pony at Berlin’s zoo for children, police have confirmed. The coitus is said to have happened almost directly in front of a babysitter walking with a child.

The animal abuser was first spotted by a babysitter walking there with a boy, whose mother initially revealed the bizarre story to the local Berliner Morgenpost“My babysitter was at Goerlitzer Park with our son when they witnessed the man carrying out a sexual act on the pony,” she told the newspaper.

An employee of the zoo said the babysitter took a picture as the abuser was copulating with the pony, and then showed the image to park staff, who called the police. When the man realized he had been spotted, he got off the animal and left the area.

However, the park’s wardens tracked him down and held the suspect until the police arrived. Berlin law enforcement have confirmed to RT that there is an ongoing investigation into the case, saying the man in question is of Syrian origin, but his current citizenship is yet to be established.

Bestiality, or having sexual intercourse with an animal, had been considered technically lawful in Germany up until 2012. At that time, German lawmakers enacted a law against the practice, imposing a €25,000 for sexual abuse against animal species.

Interesting that Germany did not have any laws on the books regarding Syrian pony rapists or bestiality until 2012. I wonder what event could have led to such legislative action…

migrants in germany

Oh, right. Really makes one second guess the “moral imperative” to fight a “humanitarian conflict” in Libya. I forget what rationale was given at the time, but I guarantee it involved some combination of children, gas, WMDs, or “vibrant self sustaining democracy”.

To think, in the end, the man standing in the way of German ponies being penetrated was this guy.

Admittedly, climbing inside the brain of a Syrian pony rapist takes more empathy than most normies can muster. And yet, in this age of migrant rape, an age willed into fruition by the normie himself, it becomes absolutely necessary.

Man rapes pony… but why

I explained this phenomenon to a colleague last year as it pertains to migrants raping and sexually assaulting European children at swimming pools.

Imagine. You come from a country far away, where women cover nearly their entire bodies in dusty rags. To you, a kissless Syrian virgin at age 24, the female form and all the lust it conjures is an abstract concept, and an evil one at that. You have never even heard of a swimming pool, and, even if you had, you are unable to imagine wet, gleaming cleavage kissed by the summer sun.

And so you earnestly migrate to Europe to avoid being murdered by ISIS, and you find yourself at a German swimming pool one hot summer day. You spot a girl who is old enough to marry (by Syrian standards) and she is beautiful. However, unlike 99% of the women you have met in your entire life, she is not covered head to toe in a burqa. In fact, she is mostly naked, and dripping with water and a sexuality that is likely reserved for her 14-year old German counterpart. Your whole life, you have been told that such a shameless female was made by Allah for you to rape. You may even think that what you are doing is morally excusable; you are, after all, just teaching this girl a lesson about modesty.

So you bash her in the head with a blunt object and rape her.

Or, maybe you don’t. Maybe you think that raping the girl is wrong, and, running away from the pool to escape your burning desire, you come upon a petting zoo. Instead of a young girl, you spot a young horse. A pony. It neighs at you sensually as your erection quickens in your pants. It is a sexual emergency. You unfasten your belt…

man rapes pony
You can probably guess what happens next.

Naturally, I am not excusing the behaviors of migrant rapists. Even if these people were not raping children and animals and killing us at random, I would posit that their existence within Western borders are a net detriment to our own happiness.

One question I have never heard a decent answer to, which I pose to pro-immigration normies quite frequently, is how, exactly, we benefit from what has become such a deleterious enterprise. Diversity has become a spiritual victory for the left in and of itself, without any way to qualify or quantify the net benefit. Thus, the question itself sounds absurd to a leftist, even in light of Europe’s rape epidemic.

That being said, only by employing empathy can we come up with a solution to keep our women, children, and animals unmolested by unwashed hordes.

It’s possible that, after a decade or so in the West, the desire to have sex with goats and ponies and children can be reprogrammed in a man’s brain. However, as long as immigration continues from regions where gang-rape and bestiality are considered to be normal, everyday enterprises, these stories will not cease.

And so I pose the question again. What do we gain, as a society, besides jobs for armed guards that sit outside swimming pools and pony stables? To compensate for optics like this, it better be damn good.


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